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Property investment, management, and solutions for small & medium size businesses, investors, families, and individual residents since 2004.

Property Management


PBKK maintains better than 90% occupancy across its portfolio using Kanri-Soft’s Smart Rent Rolls for property managers. Smart Rent Rolls enables optimization and simultaneous operation of properties across a variety of accommodation styles, such as long-term, short-term, apartment, guesthouse, office, etc.  


Our goal is to set the highest standard for every property we manage, focusing on the satisfaction of occupants while increasing the reputation and returns for owners.

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PBKK's ModernLiving.Tokyo subsidiary achieves more than 90% occupancy across a growing portfolio of apartments and guesthouses with both long and short-term contracts. The secret is in keeping all of the properties in their best condition and well advertised across multiple channels.


Virtual Tour

PBKK's is a next-generation media production company.  We create virtual reality tours and product presentations which can be augmented with custom artificial intelligence features.  Consultation is free.  We are committed to meeting your company’s needs.

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Today’s society requires businesses to find new ways to disseminate information to drive sales and reduce operating costs.  Virtual media has become a must-have tool for 24 hours 7 days a week visibility and sales operations without the need for employees.  Additional benefits are a world-wide presence in any language.




We developed SMART INTERNET™ to help anyone create powerful, easy-to-use networks for internet connections throughout hotels, apartments, retail stores, restaurants, small and medium-sized business - and just about anywhere else. With no onsite controllers to install or maintain, it's easy to scale across large sites and multiple locations - all from a single, convenient, and intuitive dashboard.


PBKK is the first distributor in Japan of Plasma Cloud which offers an affordable turnkey solution to cover all needs in and around your network. WiFi Access Points and Switches in various sizes to fit your needs & budget bundled with free & powerful cloud management.

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