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We developed Smart Internet™ for businesses to create powerful, easy-to-use networks that automatically provide robust wired and Wi-Fi internet connections throughout your organization.


Smart Internet networks support many different kinds of devices such as security cameras, temperature, humidity, motion sensors, and more.


Smart Internet for everyone, installed anywhere, offices, resorts, hotels, apartment or condominium buildings, retail stores, restaurants, schools, indoor and outdoor event spaces, etc.


Smart Internet Controllers™ saves your organization money.  Smart Controllers, remotely managed securely in the cloud eliminate the need for hiring onsite network administrators and expensive onsite service calls.


Cloud management with a single, convenient and intuitive dashboard, provides reduced operation costs and it’s easy to scale across large sites and multiple locations.


Can be installed using your existing wiring, reduces upgrade cost.

              Faster Speed Across
            your Entire Network,
          Better Connectivity

        with bandwidth

Improved Performance
Lower Costs
with automated remote management and support.

Smart Internet
 Controllers™ provide
remote management

      diagnostics and

         self-healing, not

         offered by any other


        Powerful Wi-Fi, Eliminate      Dead Zones with intuitive connected devices.

We do everything for you.  Whether you need a new network or to upgrade your existing network, we take care of it all!  Site Survey, Installation, Monitoring, and Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Future of Networking...

... for everyone!

... is here!


Create separate networks with different logins for your employees and guests.  Up to 4 different networks on each installation of Smart Internet.


Smart Internet provides a reliable guest Wi-Fi solution throughout your entire facility.  Single user authentication (one login, works everywhere).  Create separate networks for your sales staff and guests

Next Generation Smart Internet Mesh Network

Last Generation Point to Point Network



Higher Speed Over Entire Network


Current Internet Systems, Slow Speed, Connectivity Problems



  • Self Healing, prevents outages, no onsite staff or service calls required 

  • Supports 100’s to 1,000’s of simultaneous users

  • Eliminate end-user complaints 

  • Powerful, Mesh Technology, no dead zones

  • Handles high amounts of network traffic, seamless integration between networked devices

  • Redundant hosting for 99.99% cloud uptime 

  • Automatic failover to a healthy access point if another access point fails

  • Requires onsite staff for network management, frequent service calls

  • Cannot support many simultaneous users

  • End-user complaints, can’t connect, too slow

  • Low power, dead zones, poor connectivity

  • Network congestion, multiple devices cause connectivity problems, reduced work productivity

  • No backup, frequent outages

  • Network goes down, work stops


Remote Cloud Management Console

No Management Console


  • Power cycle - reboots any device or the entire network automatically when failure occurs

  • Configure, change settings, control and monitor the network remotely with our cloud management console

  • Monitoring and support, programmable event alerts every 15 minutes


  • Staff must go and physically perform this task when the network is down

  • No cloud management console, labor and time intensive, inefficient, requires on-site staff

  • Cannot see if your network is up or down without on-site physical inspection


Low Operating Cost

High Operating Cost

  • We remotely manage and maintain everything for you, saves your company money, time and labor 

  • Eliminates the need for service calls with a hardware watchdog chip

  • Flexibility, scalability, we deploy access points in virtually any location, indoors and outdoors

  • Can be installed over your existing wiring.  Reduces upgrade costs


  • Expensive requires on-site staff

  • All maintenance and network failures require on-site service by staff

  • Current generation hardware cannot easily be scaled up in size, requires fixed locations and distances

  • Other systems often require complete replacement of your existing system.