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Many factors affect property values and rental income in Japan.  PBKK has over 20 years of international experience in property management and creative investment strategies.  As a multicultural, multilingual company with staff from Japan and other countries, PBKK has many advantages and a unique perspective in a very homogenous historically conservative society.


PBKK has leveraged this perspective and utilized its advantage effectively for the benefit of its principals and investors, consistently delivering high returns on select business opportunities.


PBKK has another advantage over all it’s competitors.  PBKK has a technology division which develops IoT business solutions specifically for its property management division.  This has a double reward.  PBKK is able to operate its business much more efficiently at a lower cost using the today’s best technology, while also selling and licensing this technology to other companies.  Imagine, putting all your own technology to the most serious testing, before releasing it to the market.  It’s a win win situation for PBKK and its partners.