Real estate

Property investments in Japan are generally filed under the long-term section of a portfolio. Quick profits are not a factor in this market. Stability and dependability, under good management, are the true attractions. PBKK guides clients in Japan with this basic understanding, and the advantage we bring is smooth navigation in a notoriously opaque market filled with unpredictable practices and traditions. There are many pitfalls we can help you step over, and preferred pathways we can illuminate, on the way to your solid position in Japan real estate.

One of our greatest sources of pride is in the solid returns all the properties under our management bring to owners.


PBKK analyzes your requirements and advises about the compatibility of the current Japanese market with your goals. Once the requirements are clear, we match available properties and present the details of each. We initiate inquiries with owners, make introductions, perform due diligence, conduct viewings, act on your behalf, or provide negotiation support as required. 




The settlement typically takes place at the buyer’s bank aided by a judicial scrivener. Transfers are made from buyer's to seller's account followed by transfer of title. The seller delivers all the keys to the property and the transfer of ownership is complete.

Taxes and fees will normally come to about 5 to 6% of the price of the property. 

Real estate